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Full Service

You deserve the very best when it comes to servicing and maintaining your properties - that's why we have a full-time Service Manager and a staff of experienced building maintenance professionals ready to address all of your building maintenance issues and emergency repairs. Our job is to keep your building in tip-top shape inside and out.

"Can you help me?" That's what one of our long-standing clients asked in a phone conversation a few years ago. Utilizing several contractors to provide maintenance service for over 60 stores, frustration set in after continually receiving less than adequate service. From that conversation, Prime Constructions Service Division was formed, and we have been exceeding expectations ever since.

Tenant Improvements
What does your workplace say about your company? When clients walk through your front door what do they see? Old, stained ceiling tile, a busted doorknob, outdated carpet or dull old paint. Let Prime Construction Services refresh your workspace. You only have one chance to make a good first impression.

Major Facility Remodels
We know that when your company grows your facilities must grow with it. Prime Construction Services can design and execute your expansion. We have extensive experience in remodeling occupied office space. From retail and restaurants to corporate and medical facilities we can help you expand while minimizing your growing pains.

Interior Renovations
Time to move in to a new facility? The challenge is to make the transition with minimal down time because time is money! Let Prime Construction Services put their expertise to work for you. We can design and build out your new space to your specifications in the most cost efficient and timely manner.

Emergency Repairs
Every now and again it happens. A maintenance 911! You have to repair something ASAP to avoid risk of injury to customers or employees. Don't let safety and security issues hurt your bottom line. Let our highly skilled staff of on call technicians handle all of your emergency repairs. We will respond 911!

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